Saturday, December 12, 2009


So the hamster goes on. He sees a shortcut, but its floor is made of fire. Thinking his soles are fireproof, he marches on. But his soles get burnt. He writhes his pain. Curses his stupidity. Faults his faith. Swears never to do it again.

Then the fire vanishes. He crosses the path. Sooner than others. Eh, not such a bad bargain after all, he says smugly.

His soles begin to heal. The skin grows stronger. May be now he'll be fire proof?

He moves on. Another shortcut of fire.

Dilemma time. Bring on the metaphors.

He falls in love. Oh joy.

But the apples spill again.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

The loony mountain

Once there was a chipmonk. He was highly epistemic. So he decided to drink some water. But the rainbow was pink. So he started travelling towards the East. On his way he met an ant. The ant asked, "do I exist?". The chipmonk said "what do you think?" "I doubt it," said the ant, and promptly started counting his toes. This led to an orchestra. But the notes were didactic. And the wind was blowing too hard. So everybody started contemplating. The chipmonk made off with all the rattles he could find.

(to be continued....)